Jeremiah discusses how web tools enable companies to delight customers

Cited in ComputerWorld | A Resource for Ted's upcoming book

David Strom of ComputerWorld has used some of my advice for business blogging in his latest article: "How to be a better blogger -- and still keep your day job" Thanks David!

"Be prepared for negativity. Develop a thick skin, be prepared to respond to attacks and help to clarify the root issue and corporate commitment to resolving issues -- do so quickly and sincerely," said Jeremiah Owyang, who writes a blog about corporate marketing called Jeremiah the Web Prophet.-via"

I'm glad that my journey as a blog evangelists (which is now shifting to something different) and the mistakes I learned have helped others.

Speaking of publishing, Ted Demopoulos has asked me to submit some content to his upcoming book What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting : Real-Life Advice from 101 People Who Successfully Leverage the Power of the Blogosphere (Paperback)

I sent him a mini essay on my thoughts on the future of society as a result from self publishing tools like blogs, podcasts and vlogs --should be an interesting book, I hear it comes out this fall, more news as we approach his launch.

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Online Data Storage Companies (an ongoing list)

I'm pretty familiar with the traditional Data Storage Industry (learn about my day job) and consider myself a web guy.

I've decided to keep a running list of all the companies offering Online Storage, (some lists collected from Techcrunch) Soon, this list will be hard to manage as online storage is/will be a commodity.

In fact I predict at some point storage providers will figure out how to pay YOU to host content on their spaces. (resuse of content business models, etc)
Unconfirmed or not launched

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Left: A Snapzilla postcard from Second Life: look at all the fun Nylon and i are having Toast

Matt Biddulph of Hack Diary has figured out how to port in flickr images into a virtual life 3D Setting, be sure to check out the video which he's left at his post. It can go two ways as snapzilla can publish post cards from second life to your blog.

New to Second Life? I've been playing with it, even gave a friend a tour, and did an interview with Chris Salazar and an informal interview of Robert Scoble on this podcasts.

Besides publishing flickr images to second life, what else could be ported in?
Create unique and 3D interfaces for any of the above, virtual stores, bands, or conferences. I prophesize that these applications at some point will share data and create unique mashups. When individuals start to communicate by email or IM, they're online avatars in Second life will also begin to interact or build relationships with others.

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Kikkoman, which is known for it's soy sauce brands, has recently launched Your Teriyaki focus site with the aid of FCB Advertisting of San Francisco, reports a Forbes Press Release.

I've decided to give some exposure to this campaign, as it's both local and a product that we may use at home. The "Your Teriyaki" site deploys a popup flash experience that focuses on 'fresh' (asian california style) recipes that can created from their product. They integrate recipes via video as well as provide downloads for the recipes.

As a Web Strategist, here are some of my observations:
  • I enjoyed the fresh interactive design, the videos are download recipe are helpful, maybe extend to monthly cooking videos using their products?

  • Why is there no link or reference to "My Teriyaki" site from Kikkoman proper website, if such heavy resources were invested for the focus site, shouldn't there be cross linking?

  • I reccommend that they give an option to download all receipes to PDF, as you currently would have to open and print each one.

  • Also, I was prompted to go to the Kikkoman website from the Your Terikyaki site to "View More Recipes" I was expecting to see ratings by users of these recipes, as well as the apparent ability to submit receipes. Bonus points would be provided if it enabled user submitted pictures and tags --and even a subscribe feature. (FCB should propose pro)

  • Another idea would be to create an export data format (XML or RSS) that would export these ingredients to a safeway shopping cart or other local grocery chain for immediate pickup or delivery. (Why not a simple link to Amazon, who already sells the product here)

  • If Kikkoman really wants to engage it's audience online, consider building a community, a network that promotes both usage of it's product from 'recommended' recipes as well as community submitted. These communities will bond, and even form in real life --this is how I define Community Marketing.

Decent start Kikkoman and FCB, It would be great to see you both take it to the next level.

Speaking of cooking, last night I grilled Smoked Salmon on a Cedar Plank with fresh herbs, lemon juice, with Italian Squash, and Aspargus. (I don't do justice to my wife's cooking however) I think I'll make the Steak Salad with Fresh berries for my wife sometime --I think we'll both enjoy that on a hot summer day in the Bay Area.

More discussions about this
-Robyn Tippins Review
-Jason the Content Librarian

Attention: I've moved to --you'll find more of my thoughts there. I've selected specific posts to add this link to.

>> Comments: 0 comments and I saw Bonds blast 715 (see pics) (the basebal version of tech meme) reports that Bonds passes Babe with 715 homers. I was there, see my flickr pictures there was a lot of streamers, fireworks, and happy people.

Bonds hit the HR into the center areas, no one in the stands caught it, however I suspect someone in the concession stands below got the ball. I find it interesting that my news now is found primarily from bloggers --even sports.

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IE7+ and Windows Vista Beta 2

Are these names of droids in an upcoming Star Wars film?

Sounds like it, but it's not. The IE team has decided to announce that "that we will be naming the version of IE7 in Windows Vista “Internet Explorer 7+”. This primarily due to the release of Vista Beta. I attended the IE7 Beta Release Party: Product Teams, Editors, Podcasters and Bloggers party a few weeks ago -- we even recorded a podcast

I'm still keeping track of my use of IE, and tracked a few bugs, that appear to be working much better now.

I use IE7 at home to access my webmail, as well as a few other sites, I say I use firefox 80% of the time and IE 20% of the time.

Speaking of Science Fiction Films, I saw Xmen 3 last night and I really like it. There were even people protesting the Da Vinci code.

Attention: I've moved to --you'll find more of my thoughts there. I've selected specific posts to add this link to.

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SF Blogger Dinner June 13 at Hotel Utah

Want to meet some fellow bay area bloggers and geeks?

I copied Shel's exact title, because I can't do it better. I could add that geeks could come too, not just bloggers.

<<Sign up at Upcoming>>

According to Shel's post and comments, the following will be coming out.

I'll update the list as it grows. Who's Coming:

We had fun the last time at Hotel Utah, although Shel got a little bit crazy with the face paint. they have some good burgers, decent beers on tap, and a great area to hang out.

There's even a small stage with a piano on it --if you buy me enough beers, I may play some jazz for you --I'm rusty, but I'll give it a shot.

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Webvisions, Panelist, Portland, July 20-21

Webvisions, Panelist, Portland, July 20-21

Our Panel "Let Go, Jump In: Community Marketing Strategies for Empowered Customers" will be driven by Kit Seeborg (who runs Design for ROI) Among my peers will include Brian Oberkirch, (super cool guy at Weblogs work, we met at NewComm) Dan Saffer (blog) from Adaptive Path --A leading UX shop in SF.

I'm excited about the topic focus "Community Marketing" as I've been giving it much thought both in theory and practice. I'm planning to record the session, I know it will be fun, interactive and insightful.

"Social media tools have entered the traditional marketing sphere, allowing customers to create and evolve their own user communities. Is this a nightmare for traditional marketers? Are barbarians at the gate? Or is this a priceless chance for companies to leverage their most powerful marketing tool of all... the customer.

Handing over power requires a leap of faith. We'll share our experiences of letting go, then joining, and eventually leading the community. We'll discuss specific ways in which you can integrate and design community marketing into your company's business and see customers as your new partners.

Let go. Jump In. There's beauty in the breakdown."

My wife and I will be enjoying Portland for the weekend, we've never been before, it'll be fun to explore and check out the local art and music scene during the summer. Thanks to Kit for the invite --looking forward to it.

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Ford Foundation Seeking Full Time Web Strategist, E-Products Manager in Manhattan.

It's very rare when I promote a job from my blog, ok, we'll this is the first, and I really don't want to get into the habit of doing this. However the Ford Foundation does good works and I want to do my part to help.

They are seeking a seasoned web strategist to define the role of web for their organization this person will build a great web program that will help them to grow, share, and maybe build web communities --ya know, the stuff I love.

The Ford Foundation is a private philanthropic institution that serves as a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide. Our goals are to: Strengthen democratic values; reduce poverty and injustice; promote international cooperation; advance human achievement. This has been our purpose for almost half a century.

The position is Full Time, and in Manhattan NY, (A perk right there) and they are willing to relocate the right individual (they also have a pretty good benefits package). Here's a brief summary:

The Web Strategist reports directly to the Communications Director and will play a lead role in conceiving and implementing a strategy for the Foundation’s website and e-based external communications. Under the supervision of the Director of Communications s/he will design a blueprint for overhauling the Foundation’s website, introduce e-based communication tools that support the Foundation’s evolving communications plans and goals, and guide the Foundation’s thinking on creative and mission-driven uses of the web and other interactive media.

Rather than I post her email up on my site and she get spammed from dawn to evening, please send me an email, and I'll connect you to her at

Please make the subject line say: Ford Foundation, if not you run the risk of getting junked.

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Podcast: Waxxi Innagural Kickoff live

Waxxi Podcast Live

I've got my hands on the Waxxi Innagural podcasts before it will be published to the whole world. Yup, I had to pull some eStrings for this one.

"Hundreds of people globally come together to have a global conversation with Robert Scoble, one of Microsoft’s Technical Evangelists and best-known blogger and Shel Israel, Writer, Consultant, Speaker. Robert and Shel co-authored the book Naked Conversations: how blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers."

You can listen to Scoble, Shel, CEO of Waxxi Tracy Sheridan, and a bunch of other participants (like me) in this first interactive podcast. Tracy has posted the links on the Waxxi Site.

Or you can listen to them directly from here:

Attention: I've moved to --you'll find more of my thoughts there. I've selected specific posts to add this link to.

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My 'Best of the Best' Photos Flickr Photo Set

I've been raving about flickr (although James continues to tease) and have been uploading photos like crazy. I've uploaded at least 2000 photos in the last few weeks.

Last night at the podcast meetup, one kind attendee asked me while she had the mic "you've been taking a lot of pictures, what are you doing with them? uploading them to flickr"

I realized that my flash had been going off , and many didn't realize what a blogger and photo freak I was.

Best of the Best Photo Set
I've completed my favoriates photo set entitled "Best of the Best Photos Flickr Photo Set" , please realize that 99% of the photos were taken by me, exception of the wedding pictures.

Try the Slideshow version, if you want to kick back --best enjoyed with a glass of wine and good music.

Enjoy, leave a comment if you've any questions.

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Podcast Meetup in SF

Left: Martin McKeay, Shel Holtz, Me.

I've taken quite a few pics of the event last night, here's my flickr set. I attended the Podcast Meetup in SF at Sauce. (they have a nicely stocked bar, and Trumer Pilsner) Interesting session, everyone went around the room introducing themselves and the podcasts they work on. Of course I told about my involvement with the podcast roundtable with Martin Mckeay. I ran into Shel Holtz (he was on the Waxxi podcast last weekend).

An interesting debate opened up between Jon Hammond, Jazz musician, and Michael the Rock and Roll Geek regarding rights and use of music in podcasts. We've heard this before debate before "should podcasters be allowed to reuse musicians music to promote, etc".

Thanks Jon, who gave me his latest CD --a pic of us, I listened to it on my drive to work, I told him I used to be a Jazz Performance Major before switching to a web career.

There were a few prizes given away such as books signed by authors, and an airclick. Got a chance to check out Shel Holtz recording device an M Audio Microtrack

I gave Shel Holtz a ride to the Bart station, I didn't realize he actually has a web consulting business helping corporations with Intranet Content Audits --a practice I've done several times.

Podcasters I met:

You can view other pictures tagged podcastmeetupsf or sfpodcastmeetup in flickr

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Lunch at Google with Christine from Blogger Team

I've been writing about blogger lately (and why I use it) and was very thankful to be invited as a guest at Google's Mountain View campus, invited by Christine of the blogger team. I

She was gracious enough to invite me to the famous Café 150, which is a unique corporate campus cafe that only prepares food from a 150 mile radius. Obviously, as one would expect, fresh produce, cultural flavorings yielded a modern, California style cuisine.

Over dining in the sun, we enjoyed discussing our history at Exodus, blogging, and our interests in music, arts, and the challenges of bay area real estate.

I met some of the other friendly folks on her team like Graham. He's got an interesting blog, and I believe this is him playing guitar(mp3). I've offered to be a beta tester for any future blog enhancements to the blogger product

– Thanks again for lunch Christine!

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Cheap laptop revealed, a question raised...

I've been following the cheap laptop story, and even discussed this a while back in April. I'm fascinated by the thought of global enablement of the internet --I guess it ties back to me being a web strategist. I even got into a heated debate with Rick Cooper about global conversations and thought pollution.

SFgate has just asked if you would pay 100 dollars for this laptop. Pete Barr-Watson has put some pics up on flickr, or view the set here.

Alan Saracevic of the SFgate asks "Again: Why does everyone need a laptop?"

I think I've stated my case plenty of times, anyone else have an answer?

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Technorati, Sphere, Feedburner and Blogburst

I've been having a few discussions with James Gross about feed syndication, and republication, he's recently posted some of his thoughts on Sphere, Feedburner and Blogburst (which I've signed up for) RSS search evolving to directories, and the future.

James used to work for Feedster, that is known for feed syndication, Technorati has just announced that it's going to

"Today, as a first step, Technorati is now connecting bloggers to the more than 440 AP member web sites in the U.S. that take the AP's Hosted Custom News product, taken by local papers such as the Buffalo News or the Sun Journal. "

Be sure to check out Time's implementation of the contextual and relvent use of sphere on their site. Click on any article, and then you'll see a link to Sphere it.

Sites like Time are mixing CGM and EGM --going purple like CBS and NYtimes have done.

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Unique Blogs Update

I'll be doing this series of "Unique Blog Update" and tie them into one post.

I think it's just as important to think about Web Strategy as it is to look at how different individuals are using blogs for their own unique strategy.

In particular, I like to focus on the career or professional blog that don't relate to web.

Here's a few unique blogs:

  • Confessions of a Chiropractor
    Dr. Les Chu is a recent member of the blogging community, and has built this blog to reach out to other chiropractors. Interesting intersection of blogging and his focus area. Here he discussed public opinion of his profession in the blogosphere.

  • Taxi Vignettes
    Joan the Taxi Lady shares her experience as a bay area taxi driver, in this post she gives us a nice picture of SF, and wonders why someone took part of her taxi!

  • e-Bizz by Christopher Salazar
    Chris is one of the most well known intern bloggers, and is sharing his journey being an intern, he recently wrote this post about how to make the most out of a business trip.

  • Travel Log
    BizNet provides some tips, special deals and other travel information from their perspective as a travel agent or traveler.

    Mark showed me this one, it's a real 'riot' --I think you'll agree. My Aunt Chris rolls over laughing when reading this one. Be sure to start from the bottom --it's not random, there is really a story that evolves and some sort of strange character development.

That's it for now, if you know of any unique proffesional blogs of individuals that are sharing their experiences with the world, or are using blogs as communication and networking tools, please let me know!

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"Community Marketing" Opportuninties for Google or Microsoft regarding MySpace

MySpace is ready to step up to the partnership block. I remember just a few weeks ago when facebook was discussing it's value of about 2 billion? The world is catching on to the value of online communities. The Financial Times reports that:

"MySpace, the fast-growing “social networking” site, is in talks to forge a internet search link with either Google or Microsoft, in a move that would confirm the emergence of Rupert Murdoch’s internet site as a significant new power online."

Last week I compared some of the Top Sites in March 2006, (which by the way is based off ZDnet's measurement of unique visitors not logins --that myspace claims 80 million registered)

Site | Unique Vistors (by thousands) | Average Time spentonline
  • Microsoft | 99,368 | 0:50:16
  • MSN | 5,124 | 1:52:10
  • Google | 93,244 | 1:00:56
  • MySpace | 36,373 | 2:09:04
If either Microsoft or Google partners with MySpace, they will clearly have access to at least a third more eyeballs than they currently have for online advertisting, marketing and research.

To the Victor: Mutiple Web Strategies can be applied
Let's also not forget that online advertising isn't the online benefit to the equation, but whoever can harness the opinions of the youth thought leaders and key decision makers will be able to provide intelligence that could persuade markets to shift adoption. We're really talking about mass consumer intelligence and opportunities for control if done correctly. Sophisticated and highly targeted (and viral) marketing campaigns can be unleashed in myspace (see how one skate shop figured it out, and how radio stations have already harnessed community) Lastly, don't forget that the MySpace crowd is not just going to be about kids, teens and college students, but many of them (and I know several) have already hit the workforce.

What we're really talking about is the opportunity for Community Marketing.

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Dell to build Offline Click Stores
I like Dell, my home PC is a Dell, and I even configured and helped with the ordering process for my Dad's and Sister's Inspirons. PC pro reports that Dell is going to open two live click stores. I agree with Dell's analysis that:

"The company has always insisted that retail stores would be loss making, but Apple's success in generating over $1bn worth of sales in a single quarter through its network of more than 100 stores appears to have presaged a change of heart"

A Late Start to a Difficult Problem
It will be difficult for Dell to gain traction for profit, but by making a unique, interactive product showroom that encourages community interaction may yield long term results. I feel Dell products are a different market segment than the Creative Apple thinker crowd --many ties over to business sectors, both small and medium. Let's be sure not to forget about Gateway, that slipped quietly into the night with the cows --Dell has to be sure not to replicate those mistakes.

I even noticed my cousin's new laptop the Dell XPS, it's a real indicator of change in the Dell lineup. hipper, powerful, for gamers and less 'corporate' design.

Is Social Interaction and Community Marketing a component of brand zealotry?
This is how Web 2.0 is different --computer manufactures are going Offline as well as Online for an multi channel customer experience.

Social interaction is a core foundation of Web 2.0. Does social communinication assist in customer zealotry and thriving brands? Do Apple customers like to communicate, converse, and build communities? Is this the source of the brand loyalty for boxes filled with wires and chips? Do these communities need to socialize offline and online?

I just talked about how loyal customers can be created from unique 'dumbed down' customer experiences and products such as Trader Joe's, do the same rules apply to computer manufacturers?

  • Does Dell have the same unique brand as Apple?
  • Does the Dell brand create customer zealotry like Apple?
  • Is Social Interaction and Community required to build brand zealotry?
  • Does Dell provide Social Interaction and Community?
  • Is Dell late to the game?
  • What do customers say about Dell? Try a Google Search on "Dell Support" and you may find this: (ouch)

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Trader Joe's: Unique Customer Experience "Dumb, Organic, & Faster"

Just got back from our weekly trip to Trader Joe’s an unique American Grocery Store that is known for loyal customers

"My wife describes Trader Joe’s as Organic Faster Food”

She also likes the diversity of products and that it’s often easy to prepare (we’re both busy professionals). Unlike traditional brands (like Safeway or Albertsons, Trader Joe’s has unique products that it’s difficult to predict what one will get.

As such, it’s an experiment and a experience to try new foods to bring home. I noticed how they try to 'dumb down' their advertisting and marketing, and make each store unique to it's biome, and staff are taught to be helpful and friendly. By "dumbing down" their brand and marketing they bring a 'local grocery store' feel from a very revenue intense corporation.

Forbes indicates in their most recent article "Cheap Gourmet" that

"The chain (Trader Joe's) posted sales of $4.5 billion last year, estimates trade journal Supermarket News, closing in on Whole Foods, with sales of $4.7 billion from more-expensive items"

Seth Godin listed a few reasons why Trader Joe’s has been successful, he writes that
  1. They target a consumer that cares a great deal about what they buy at the supermarket.
  2. These customers are big mouths.
  3. Most of what they sell is private label.

I suggested we start a blog on reviewing Trader Joe food, with ample pictures, descriptions and ratings of food, but we quickly decided it’s probally been done before, and I really don’t have time to start another blog.

Upon some research, I’ve found that there is already a Tracking Trader Joe’s blog (not aflliciated with the company it says) as well as the Candy Blog, that often reviews product from Trader Joe.

What are your experiences with Trader Joe? Are you a Consumer? Zealot? Don’t care? Or even dislike Trader Joe’s?

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Intranet Resources

I've worked on four different enterprise Intranets during my career, so I'm pretty familiar with the ins and outs of corporate intranets.

A while ago, I published these thoughts on the Corporate Intranet and Health Inspectors --I noticed a trend between the design of Intranets and corporate cultures.

The Intranet Review Toolkit (managed by James Robertson, who I've communicated with several times) has published the following list of bloggers that discuss intranets:

James's excellent list of Intranet Blogs

(Special note, it should be known that I had originally copied the links and descriptors from James list and pasted here on this blog, However as an oversight I didn't put the quotes on it, so rather than adding the quotes, I'm just linking back over to James site where you'll find many other resources as well)

Also, I should note that I'm the moderator and owner of the Intranet User Experience Group --if you want to network with a larger group of intranet practitioners, this is the place for you.

Thanks James for the great list.

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Blogging Native to IT Analysts | Massive ROI

Information week discusses that Blog-Based Analysts Shake Up IT Research: A new breed of IT analysts is sharing insights over the Internet, leaving traditional research firms trying to catch up using the same methods.

"If you like your IT analysis fast, free, and with a heavy dose of attitude, you're in luck. A new breed of technology analysts has emerged: They use blogs to spread their insights, and they're not afraid to pick a fight with IT vendors or one another. These E-pundits want to shake the foundation of IT analysis and influence the market, forcing conventional firms such as Forrester, Gartner, and Yankee to adapt or get left behind, much the same way the packaging and reach of cable TV newscasts forced network news to rethink its role."

No surprise to me, many analysts have been writing columns, articles, reports, reviews and performing analysis for years, to them, blogging is native to analysts. If anything, it gives them the opportunity to add some spice, opinion, or personal insight that they were restricted to before. Now that users and readers can usually leave comments (some of the analysts listed in the report have clunky comment forms) it becomes more of a discussion.

Let's not forget one of the most famous analyst bloggers, Charlene Li from Forrester, when asked what her ROI was (I was in the front row at Newcomm) she responded that (reports the Marketing Blog)

"So what's Charlene Li's ROI on blogging?

It's, er, over 5,000 percent. That's based on her calculation that her $14.95 / month account with TypePad triggered $1 million in new business for Forrester last year. "

I noticed within some IT industries that analysts were the first to blog --even before many consumers --again, it's native to them

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Waxxi the interactive podcast
This has been a monumental weekend for me, I was one of the first to participate in a truly interactive two-way podcast with Shel Israel and Robert Scoble –I was able to voice my own opinion in real time on the call as well as interact in the chatroom backchannel, and then blog about it (Shel blogged it as as did Scoble)

SF's Bay to Breakers Parade and Run --expressive to say the least.
Yesterday, I attended the Bay to Breakers run/parade, a 7 mile (plus one mile cool down) run and parade every May in San Francisco. It was interesting as anyone was allowed to participate in the parade, many showed their interesting and creative side, some took the race very seriously, and some just came to have a true naked conversation.

At the Bay to Breakers I saw Brett Crosby from Google Analytics running like lightning ahead of most of the other ruckus, I looked him up he did an amazing 1:11. I was wearing my blogger shirt on and as he ran by, he said "Hey Jeremiah" --too cool. I also saw my buddy Juan, (who needs to update his blog) who posted pics on flickr There are so many more pics on flickr (tag =baytobreakers), you need to view through them –let me warn you however, there are some nude photos that others have uploaded that may offend you.

These to me are both signs that society and information will continue to present the following
  • The Participants are Taking Charge as the common person has access to publish their own thoughts and express themselves.

  • Communication and Interaction is two way, as podcasts blogs, and parades allow the audience and spectators to talk back.

  • The power is in the masses, while a podcast with Shel and Scoble alone maybe interesting, it’s a lot more fun to listen to when there are others participating.

  • Human will use the internet, blogs, podcasts, and flickr and what's next tools to communicate, the lines of distinction between message controller and participant are blurred.

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Podcast with Shel and Scoble via Waxxi

My fingers hurt from typing the following show notes:

Interactive Podcast with Shel and Scoble using Waxi
This was really cool, I was able use the chatroom feature (like a backchannel) , listen to Shel and Scoble talk, and even got to participate and join in the discussion via my phone. Multimedia two way experience --love it!

Getting started --little rough
Little bit chaotic getting this going, I'm listening in on mute. The call had to be shut down twice --the first was to reduce a buzzing sound, and the second time as someone initiated the conference call without permission. Then we were on hold for a minutes listening to some fantastic sounds of Yanni. Shel needs to get some better phones at home ;)

Show Notes
I took the following show notes, I had no idea it was going to be nearly two hours long, anyways, here's the fruits of my labor.

1) Email question around blogging impacting employees

  • First question was around how has blogging changed some companies, and Robert talked about how Microsoft has changed it's HR policies
2) Tips for new bloggers
  • Robert:
    • Comments, taglines, looking at Technorati to find effective headlines, writing well. Having a good looking blog, nice url.
  • Shel:
    • Be passionate, join the conversation. Shel references my journey.
3) Web development, participatory podcasting, PBS

  • Robert: 3.3 unique million visitors to Channel 9 without any advertising.

    • Ipod is new distribution channel for audio

  • Shel references how Waxxi is changing this global conversation

  • Robert:

    • It's two way, and the conversation and content is different

    • Wishes Adam Curry would have used this type of technology in his shows on Sirius.

    • (Jeremiah thought: does Waxxi move into the NPR space?, free, infinite channels)

    • Google empowers users to find obscure pieces of content --small niches.

  • Shel:

    • Hard to summarize the book, however "blogging is normalizing"

    • The world is becoming a smaller faster place

  • Robert:

    • Mini Microsoft has changed MS.

    • Discussions around blogging plumbers

  • Shel:

    • All business should blog

  • Robert noticed that some businesses in Montana have yet to have a website

    • (Shel asks why Robert goes to a fish restaurant thousands of miles from the Ocean --kills me, oh man)
4) Squidoo

  • Shel brings the topic up from the chat room

    • Squidoo is Seth Godin's baby

  • Robert uses technorati and

  • Shel suggests that there are several companies are working on enabling effective search for --the solution is not yet here.

  • Robert: Using word searches on Technorati, primarily words such as "geek" as it brings some interesting results
5) What's the bigger picture? (question by me)

  • Shel:

    • Blogs and podcasts are going to be considered 'cute' tools in the future

    • The power is not with huge advertising, and large organizations, but rather by smaller communities that share common interest, not geographic boundaries

    • Quotes Charlene Li's suggestion that companies that relinquish control will be the ones that can harness this.

    • Shel heading on a world tour, seeking new technologies that will made the changes

    • The connected world means the universe of knowledge is global and change can occur easily and fast

    • Some politicians are realizing that bloggers can make them irrelevant, Shel cites how San Carlos bloggers are becoming empowered.

  • Robert:

    • The web is becoming real

    • Businesses and execs don't understand why to talk to micro audiences.

    • "Why communicate with 20 people, when I can buy a forbes full page ad"

    • Is it important to have C level execs blog?

  • Robert would rather see a grassroots build up rather organic and authentic

    • Onenote blogger in the blogger team.

    • Blogging is bottom up

    • Discusses how Marc Cuban has top down blogs, and is the only one.

    • How product teams can tell stories, have conversations about 'crashing' and real time support and communications.
6) but what if the onenote team started blogging about higher-level microsoft strategies? shouldn't bill gates be the one doing that?

  • Robert:

    • Bill Gates will blog but only if he could do that at a consistent basis

    • Robert has to be careful about what he needs to say, such as he knew about the HR changes coming to MS.

    • What about risky or sensitive information?

  • Shel

    • Robert's greatest loyalty is to the technology

  • Robert

    • What about IP discussions, or Financial

    • Gotta be careful

    • Reference to Google Blogger being fired (Mark Jen)

  • Robert talks about the corporate membrane

  • Shel

    • Talks about Mark Jenn, and that he doesn't think anyone got fired for blogging, but the actions that they took.

  • Robert

    • Gotta check the risks before you take it

    • It's about being a professionals and taking risk

    • What is the reason you're doing something? Get a good answer before you do this, or you'll be in the hot seat.

  • Shel:

    • Many bloggers are blogging, although there's only been a few firings.

    • Some are careful as they know they are in public

  • Robert:

    • Being in a public place employees will be careful what you're going to say.

    • He needs to be careful about what is portrayed

  • Shel:

    • Very few bloggers have been fired as of recent.
7) Are blogs really 2 way communications?

  • Shel
    • 90% of blogs have 0 comments, and less blogs have comments

  • Robert:

    • When he first started, he didn't get a tremendous amount of blogs

    • Although he has thousands of readers, he only gets about 50 comments a day.

    • It doesn't bother Robert, as he can still find this content via Google

    • Robert has been writing about his sick Mother, and received more comments back.
8) Frank Gruber (read his notes): how would you address F.U.D. of other professionals that worry about their online reps. For example, law students worried their blog will be used later against them.

  • Shel
    • gives examples of a student on myspace that wrote some criticisms --the college admissions held this against him.

    • Digital is forever.

  • Robert
    • Robert says some interviewers print out and read his blog

    • Gaping Void is on the edge, and his style has opened up doors where others have closed

  • Number of comments has something to do with passion of post
9) Nature of Tags and Delicious

  • Robert

    • Collective way for a group to say something is interesting

    • Folks can share tags so new things can get discovered

    • Finding popularity

    • Watches Digg as well --brings a lot of traffic. (40-80k visitors)

  • Shel

    • Tagging is advanced features

    • Like putting your kids name before he heads off to camp

  • Robert:

    • Technorati is using it a bit as well

    • Raw Sugar

    • Different info than Google
10) ptvGuy: I also wanted to ask about the recent phenomenon of blogs being left in Wills and trusts and how a person or business would treat a blog as an asset.

  • Shel

    • Interesting to think of this as an asset

    • If Robert leaves MS, then scobilizer goes with him

  • Robert

    • Will it be findable forever? Not sure, although it will be findable.

  • Jeremiah Owyang: the blog will NOT will be findable forever...
ptvGuy: A blog memorial

  • A large percentage of them will not survive
11) Talking about Sphere

  • Shel

    • Will it scale and make money?

    • Interesting new products
12) When will MS enter the blog search?

  • Robert:

    • Working on it

  • Shel

    • Why doesn't MS buy Technorati or Sphere

  • Robert

    • Trying to persuade committees is difficult, can MS become more agile?
13) Shel Holtz chimes in looking at regulatory rules with blogging such as pharma

  • Robert

    • Discusses how folks must get approvals in order to blog

    • Maybe pharma folks can blog about stuff on the edges.

    • Talk about the work that you're doing

  • Shel Holtz

    • How about the world of R&D to talk about this without imposing any issues

  • Shel

    • within 12 months a pharma will be blogging, discussing larger issues

    • Addressing how they've been accused of their bad rap

    • knows of one consultant that may be able to show some results soon

    • Internal blogs and wikis can be implemented

14) What about companies that have used blogs to launch something out of very little

  • Robert

    • Techcrunch and podtech have built businesses out of very little
15) Advertisting

  • Shel

    • Advertising are a little slow in how they need to adopt

    • Contextual are becoming invisible, as we train to ignore them

    • Doc Searls suggests we look at Attention Marketing

    • Ads for when we need them

    • wants advertising when he wants, but not at the cost of consumer freedom

    • Advertising revenue will be driving down over long term.

  • Robert

    • Every big business is trying to figure this out

    • Google figured this out
16) Will there be another book? and Publishing

  • Shel is going to do a book on his own.

  • Robert says "never say never"

    • Seeking publishers to jump on this fantastic book

    • Jeff Jarvis says books are dead! Books are less profitable, readership is constant

    • References Powerpoint books and Davinci code.

    • Blurb is a company that publishes books out of books

    • 30 dollars to print today, 15 in a few years

    • Everyone can publish,

    • Direct access may be the future rather than book publishers

  • Robert suggests that if he wants to make money he would be a landlord in Second Life

  • Related Podcast here FYI on second life and scoble (and me)

  • Books don't make authors rich, it's the reputation after it happens afterwards

  • Gladwell and Seth make 40k per speaking

  • Tracy:

    • chimes in that you'll make money what happens after the book

  • John says books should be free

  • Scoble: My blog is the free book!

    • Guy Kawasaki's marketing tips --it's free and it's out there

  • Shel

    • The chapters posted on Naked Conversations were less read vs the actual interviews

  • Scoble:

    • Paperless distribution --gotta be

  • Shel:

    • Agrees that media is too tied to paper. Newspapers should rely on bloggers to use bring the news.

    • Tells this to publishers, but suggest they dont get it
17) How do you make money using blogs?

  • Robert

    • makes six figures as a pro blogger for MS

    • Suggests that bloggers Use Google ads to make money

  • Shel

    • Andrew Carton, Treonauts

    • Discusses how a tshirt maker can use a blog to build the blog
18) Frank Guber: Attention Marketing, Intention Advertisting, are people going to get paid for their attention?

  • Robert:

    • Oooh.. AHH...

  • Shel:

    • The shift of power and control from central to communities

    • Shel will let you have my attention when I tell you to

    • Special advertising will not get my attention nor emails.

    • Sender has no power, but receiver has all the power

  • Robert

    • Frequent Flyer programs on airlines

    • As you play games on xbox you'll get rewards --this will happen online?

    • "Achievements" online --rewarding users as they participate

    • Attention could teach the online systems using his history.

  • Frank

    • Rather than getting the free software, could you get paid for it?

  • Shel

    • Adsense is a primative way to find stuff

    • Analytics and metrics are holy grails to find how influence is done.

    • The attention is heading to the influencers

  • Robert

    • Had lunch with two guys from Kraft Foods

    • Their management doesn't encourage blogging.

    • They have a recipe site --more of this helpful marketing

    • Honda has a series of Honda ads that go viral

    • Discusses how Frank suggests that online video for cooking could occur.

    • John Furrier has done this with
19) Jeremiah Owyang: It's about Relationship marketing, Community Marketing, not about Top Down Marketing and forceful selling

  • Shel

    • Agrees, the stuff that is 'pushing' stuff out will be driving users away

  • Robert

    • TechRanch in Montana

    • Robert is overwhelmed with pitches from companies
20) Frank Gruber: make them simple to understand and digest. RSS or Atom should be called something people get it

  • Shel

    • Says RSS should be as easy as changing channels

  • Robert:

    • Microsoft research shows that When a company gives stuff for free, they get more money in return rather than charging for it

  • Shel

    • That may work for MS, but smaller companies can't give stuff for free

  • Robert

    • Google Images, and Google properties.

  • Shel

    • Google Images can't make money

  • Robert

    • Different groups within MS need to figure out revenue models
21) How can you convince your companies, where can you point them to ?

  • Shel

    • Don't force your culture to blog

    • You can't stop employees from blogging

    • noticed that some corp comm groups have the most resistance.

    • Companies will have to blog, as the next generation will be coming.

22) Character Blogs

  • Shel

    • Tony created a character blog,

    • Discusses the conversations at NewComm

    • Who wants to talk to a talking Moose?

    • Discussed the Darth Vadar blogs a well

23) Changes in culture
  • Robert
    • People in the valley had time to develop products
    • Fight the corporate scandels
    • Sick of Marketing dont by committee
      • Anti Marketing Marketing
      • Swimming downstream rather than upstream
24) Om Malik's thoughts, Web 2.0 is not a technology but a way of thinking, kind of like how Robert did this at MS
  • Robert
    • WOM at his camera sales experience in San Jose
    • Web 2.0 is tying into the WOM experience, it's an enabler
  • Shel
    • The tools are not as important as what the outcome is
    • Doesn't like the term 2.0
    • Considers himself a journalist
24) Blogging and Journalist
  • Shel:
    • Discusses london bombings and pics put on flickr
    • References Rodney King
    • There are more people that have cameras
    • Need to have closer alignment with journalists

my fingers hurt.

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I've decided to take Eric's informal analysis to the next level by using free vertical search tools that measure user opinion --sentiment. I met CEO James Kim at Newcomm forum (how fitting this all is) and have used his tool to find out basic sentiment of the company name

Steps I took: 1) Obtained the list of top company lists from Eric. 2) Plugged each company name into 3) Recorded the sentiment below:

Left Number is instances of positive mention (+), right is instances of negative mention (-).
  • 1. Wal-mart sentimeter 60%(+) 40%(-)
  • 2. Exxon Mobil sentimeter 80%(+) 20%(-)
  • 3. General Motors sentimeter 58%(+) 42%(-)
    • "GM" sentimeter 53%(+) 47%(-)
  • 4. Ford Motor sentimeter 16%(+) 84%(-)
    • "Ford" sentimeter 71%(+) 29%(-)
  • 5. General Electric sentimeter 67%(+) 33%(-)
    • "GE" sentimeter 74%(+) 26%(-)
  • 6. ChevronTexaco
    • "Cheveron" sentimeter 71%(+) 29%(-)
    • "Texaco" sentimeter 50%(+) 50%(-)
  • 7. ConocoPhillips sentimeter 67%(+) 33%(-)
    • "Conoco" sentimeter 67%(+) 33%(-)
    • "Phillips" sentimeter 78%(+) 22%(-) (multiple result list)
  • 8. Citigroup sentimeter 60%(+) 40%(-)
  • 9. AIG sentimeter 52%(+) 48%(-)
  • 10. IBM sentimeter 60%(+) 40%(-)
  • 11. Hewlett-Packard
    • "HP" sentimeter 79%(+) 21%(-)
  • 12. Berkshire Hathaway 100%(+) 0%(-)
    • "Berkshire" sentimeter 78%(+) 22%(-)
    • " Hathaway sentimeter 83%(+) 17%(-) (multiple result lists)
  • 13. Home Depot sentimeter 57%(+) 43%(-)
  • 14. Verizon sentimeter 38%(+) 62%(-)
  • 15. McKesson sentimeter 100%(+) 0%(-)
  • 16. Cardinal Health sentimeter 100%(+) 0%(-)
  • 17. Altria sentimeter 100%(+) 0%(-)

I suspect opinmind is not prowling all results as many of Eric's results in technorati are a higher level of quanitiy of instances vs a handful found in opinmind. (James told me the primiary data set is myspace, xanga, blogger, and a few thousand 'influentials') --it needs to have all the data to be truly effective for the longtail.

What would be interesting if one were able to apply a more sophisticated measurement like Factiva or other conversation mining techniques to graph sentiment.

Please note this is very unscientific but a real testament to how free analysis tools (google, technorati, and opinmind).can quickly allow individuals to find global converations, and get some sense to what's occuring in them.

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Eric Mattson writes a brilliant analysis via the New Comm blog titled Is the Fortune 100 Participating in the Blog Conversation?

He performs a rough (but effective) measurement to determine how many of these large companies are being blogged about, and if they have a blogging strategy to respond.

Here's how he did it:

1. How often do other major corporations get talked about?

2. Are they participating in the online conversation?

So I decided to answer these two questions in the following way.

For question #1, I decided to take a rough average for the last month via Technorati. I also decided to grab the total number of posts that included the company's name. (I recognize some inherent problems here and where possible I've attempted to aggregate it.)

For question #2, I figured I would google "xyz company blog" and look on the first 3 pages of results. I limited it to 3 pages because if the company can't get their blog to show up in the first 3 pages of google results for these terms then it's probably pretty worthless.

It's interesting to see the results, just the sheer number of consumers talking about compaies, talking back, and creating a new media. Look at how many are not participating in these conversations? In the last few months we've had the cover of Business Week (attack of the blogs) discussions in NYtimes, it's really everywhere. Hopefully companies are watching and listening at the very least.

If Eric would take it to the next level, he should conduct Sentiment mining using opinmind

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Author of upcoming book "Global Neighborhoods" to conduct worldwide research

Shel alerted me to his most recent post announcing his plans to travel the globe with Rick Segal to perform research on his upcoming book Global Neighborhoods. (and his progress in planning)

If you’ve read Naked Conversations, you’ll realize much of the book was based upon first hand knowledge, case studies and examples of blogging done right and sometimes wrong.

Shel and Rick (who is packing his bags) will be continuing his saga by now trekking the globe to uncover how companies (and cultures) are giving up control in order to build community –a topic I’m all too familiar with. Here are some subjects I’d love to see covered in his book:
  • Provide some examples of companies and cultures that have given up control, what were some of the shoots and ladders that others should be aware of?

  • What tools were most effective to build these neighborhoods, blogs, forums, wikis, social sites, opt-in, opt-out communication tools, etc.

  • What were the specific benefits to companies that have opened their arms to the community?

  • Put some focus on Globalized Companies that are embracing the global neighborhood.

  • Spend time in China, how has blogging changed the social structure, and what changes can we expect in the upcoming future?

  • Where are the next Silicon Valley’s appearing at? And how are they different?

  • What can Web Managers start to do that will really make a difference, that will delight customers?

  • What are the equivalent web giants around the glove (or does Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Blogger, dominate?)

  • Please, Please, Please take a lot of pictures and put them on flickr --this should be a supplement to the book and blog --serious.

  • Make the book available online (I don't mind paying for it) and have links to valuable resources. (Perhaps be true to the theme and let the community upload and provide examples and feedback)

This focus area of Shel's is dear to me heart. as I'm currently focused on Defining Community Marketing, and I'll be publishing some practical strategies on how companies can use web tools to build communities --more to come from me soon.

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Early this morning I was discussing Google Properties but what about length of stay?

Bill from Hitwise just emailed me the following --he also gave me permission to publish his email and the attached graph.

Hey Jeremiah,

Was just reading your post referring to my Google Properties post yesterday. Thought you’d appreciate a screen shot of our session times for the same sites (ask and ye shall receive). The times you quoted from Nielsen look like average visit time cumulative over a months time (not sure about time frame) our average session time below is per visit. BTW, average session time for MySpace is 28:21.


Bill Tancer
GM, Global Research

Hitwise USA Inc.
2 Bryant Street, Suite 240

San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: (415) 597-4200


Users spend 13 minutes on Google Images? Hunting? Exploring? This time is longer than using Google proper by over a minute and Gmail --I would be interested in knowing what those keywords are people are searching for in Google Images --anyone know?

Thanks Bill --keep me updated, yes coffee soon!

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Interesting to read about Google's top properties, no surprise the primary search field is the key lead followed by Google Images. The other prorperties quickly fall down the tail. I'm assuming since the tool that is measuring this is called 'hitwise' then it's looking for hits.

What about Destination Social Sites?
With Social sites taking the lead where eyeballs are, will Google need to change it's strategy? Google is THE search engine, but if it's primarily used as a transport device to end up at a destination site, is this a risk for Google in the long run?

Take a look at ZDnets recent March 2006 Report on Top Websites

Top sites in March 2006 (Sorted by Length of stay)
  1. AOL | 75,348 Vistors | 6:13:54 Length of Stay
  2. Yahoo! | 105,027 Vistors | 3:28:39 Length of Stay
  3. MySpace | 36,373 Vistors | 2:09:04 Length of Stay
  4. eBay | 55,573 Vistors | 1:59:18 Length of Stay
  5. MSN | 95,124 Vistors | 1:52:10 Length of Stay
  6. Google | 93,244 Vistors | 1:00:56 Length of Stay
  7. Microsoft | 99,368 Vistors | 0:50:16 Length of Stay
  8. Real | 36,961 | 0:43:00 Length of Stay
  9. Amazon | 40,721 | 0:23:21 Length of Stay
  10. MapQuest | 40,809 | 0:12:05 Length of Stay
Search is Lead at Google, but if just a Vehicle to other sites, what impact does that have? Look at the duration of users on Yahoo, MySpace and AOL --they're clearly showing that users come and stay, network and share. You could easily combine Microsoft and MSN to suggest a single entity as well.

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"Jeremiah, why do you use Blogger?"

I'm asked this questions very frequently, in fact just yesterday at lunch I was asked this. Most who know me realize that I'm very serious about blogging, in fact I publish 2-3 posts before I head to work nearly every day.

I've even been told that Google is reusing my content in an 'evil' way. For someone as serious about blogging, why don't I upgrade to a hosted solution from Six Apart, or use a Wordpress solution from a web host?

Two reasons
  1. I'm performing an experiment regarding enablement of the global conversation. I want to see how far I can go by using free software to publish my voice and thoughts. (note: Although I upgraded to flickr pro, this doesn't impact my blogging efforts)

  2. I'm content with Blogger --it's meeting my needs. I realize one of the key turn offs from users is the lack of categories , metrics, or widgets, I'm making do by using other free addon tools. Also, in times of need, I've found the blogger support staff and community to be very helpful.
For now, I'll continue to use Blogger for my personal site (although I use word press for some other blogs, and typepad for business use), let's see how far this can go...

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My good bud Waili and former colleague at Exodus was able to get me a pass to the SF Gartner Conference in San Francisco this week, however I've been too busy with work to get away --Thanks Waili, it's much appreciated. Apparently, I missed a very interesting topic as Nick Carr reports that CIOs Flee IT:

"Gartner is drawing a bleak picture of the future of the traditional corporate IT function. The research house predicted that, for the fourth year running, IT budgets will grow less than 3 percent this year."

He also goes on to suggest that IT management will tend to distance themselves from the pipes and power from the data center, in order to become more business aligned and strategic. Dennis and I have discussed at great length (PDF) the need for enterprise IT groups to align closely with the business when it comes to the opportunities and risks that Web 2.0 can bring to organizations. Nick suggests that CIOs are being repurposed within organizations to provide the following:

"The CIO role is being repositioned in various ways: It's not about IT anymore; it's about "innovation" or "change management" or "process design" or "collaboration" or ... well, anything but IT"

Nick, isn't the sum of Information Technology (IT) about innovation, change management, process and collaboration? That is the end result when you add up all the boxes, pipes and code? All of these focuses are important --if enterprise IT departments don't provide such tools and processes, then employees will find a way to have their need solved --by using the Social Web.

Let me tie this back to web... While cheap, rapid deployment of Web 2.0 tools can fill a void that's not being provided a long term strategy should be deployed to prevent ASP terrorism, data protection, and inablity for integration or silo based user expereinces.

Just last night I was invited to dine with managers from my own IT department, they know I'm committed (from the business and web side) to working with my IT management to deploy a holistic platform --which will provide the much needed communication and collaboration needed for today's modern business.

If Nick is right, as IT budgets remain flat, and top IT management refocuses on other issues, this could provide helpful to the business --but as long as the data center lights still stay on.

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Waxxi: Interactive Podcast with Shel and Scoble

Tracy A. Sheridan has invited me to participate in an interactive podcast with Shel Israel and Robert Scoble --the Naked Boys. If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I'm a big fan, and consider Shel a key resource in my development in business blogging --which I've helped to spearhead at my day job.

I've discussed how Voip tools are now going from one-to-one, to many-to-many, I've been doing this for months with my podcasts with the Podcast RoundTable using Gizmo.

There will be quite a few folks in the 'room' during the podcast on Saturday morning, I'll chime in when appropriate --I'm looking forward to discuss business blogging and the impacts it has on society, companies, customers and employees.

Tracy is moving to the bay area soon, and I'm going to meet up with her to welcome her to San Francisco. I think she'll be a wonderful and welcome addition to the bay area geek events.

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Web Strategy: Seek Customer Sentiment and Opinion using Opinmind

Left: James Kim, CEO of Opinmind

I've discussed Opinmind at a few of the conferences I've spoken at, as mass sentiment measurement is an emerging method to obtain user opinion and overall market position.

I've been having some conversations about identifying the voice of the customer to create a mental model that will map out your user needs. I had the pleasure to meet up with James Kim, the CEO and founder of Opinmind.

James and I met at New Communication in Palo Alto, we've recently been exchanging wedding tips (I reminded him not to forget the ring like I almost did). James is partnered with two other minds that have developed a unique technology that can determine what content is saying in context. --Basically, their software can determine if a blog is saying positive or negative things about your product, company, or offering.

It's very easy to use, simply type in a keyword and it will sort positive mentions on the left, and negative instances on the right, there's a bar at the top that calculates the overall percentage.

Soon, User Experience Research, Product Research, and Voice of the Customer Research will include sentiment tracking on the live, conversational web.

As the blogosphere continues to grow, this will be absolutely valuable for marketers to quickly obtain a snapshot of what people are saying about your latest product release, executive, or presidential candidate. They're primarily searching the tail end of the 'long tail --meaning they are crawling and analyzing consumer level blogs, such as Myspace, Xanga, MSN Spaces, FaceBook and Blogger --the smaller opinions count as much as the big ones. He told me that they're primarily picking up blogs that are more active than dormant and of course are filtering our those nasty splogs.

I made a few free Jeremiah Web Strategy recommendations to James such as tying their product to other blogosphere intelligence services (many which pitch to me), and really raising awareness of their product. I also suggested some graphs and premium services for marketer's to use could be of use. Tracking user sentiment is difficult, and when you add in sarcasm (no really) it can get a bit hairy (Try Bush) so giving users the option to suggest results into different positive or negative buckets would be useful. Although Opinmind is focused on the long tail of mass marketing, it would be helpful to filter highly relevant results either by influence, market, location and any other type of cut.

Although still emerging and growing, I recommend giving it a quick try, and recognize how tools like this will quickly be able to track user sentiment --imagine how this will happen in real life during presidential debates, product launches, and even real world news occurrences.

The web empowers the voice and opinion of the people and masses --sentiment trackers like Opinmind will track and report on these.


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